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Senior Capstone Project

These realistic digital illustration posters provide a detailed look at two iconic structures in France. From left-to-right Mudd depicts the Eiffel Tower and the Château de Chantilly. The creation of these posters was motivated by the travel posters of the Art Deco era. Inspiration was drawn from artists such as R.F. Fordred, Edward McKnight Kauffer and A.M. Cassandre.  

In these posters, Mudd strives to cultivate a sense of exploration within her viewers. She hopes to spark an interest in travel and experiencing new cultures. The illustrations are all based on reference photos taken by Mudd on a trip abroad in 2017. A neutral color palette lends itself to the realistic nature of the illustrations, allowing the detail within the drawing of the architecture to draw the eye in. A simple banner, using a highlight color from the poster, is placed at the top and bottom to label each of the posters using the font Gill Sans created by Eric Gill in 1928. Throughout this project, Mudd has further expanded her knowledge in digital illustration and architectural detail.

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